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What is this blog about you may wonder? This blog is where you can learn how to make some great cocktails you have never tried before. All of which, you won’t get in any bars and restaurants. The reason of this is my cocktails are made with my own recipes. These are not common cocktails. Mine are more fun, tasty and strong. I promise you will love them. Take out your cocktail shaker, bar gear and glassware. Get ready to do your stirring, muddling and shaking on a whole new cocktails’ tour. I refresh Halcoholic website every week, so please follow Halcoholic on Twitter, Instagramor simply clicks the button at the bottom of this page. I hope my cocktails gives you a better nightlife. Enjoy!




Halcoholic: A Good Cocktail • A Better Nightlife

Welcome to Halcoholic!  My name is Haoze Li and my nickname is Hal. I’m a big fan of making cocktails. I had been drinking cocktails for more than six years. I decided to show my creativity by making my cocktails, which I started doing three years ago. I mixed my nickname and “alcoholic” together and named my blog Halcoholic. Cocktails are not sodas. People like them because the world seems fun when they are drunk. Relax with your lover in a drinking atmosphere or make a cocktail to change your mood. Even though cocktails are not drugs but they can help you wipe out your exhaustion and annoyances. And even if it doesn't wake your sex drive up, inebriation can turn someone on for you.



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