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Spicy Bomb

Welcome to Halcoholic! This blog will bring you new adventures in making cocktails. Get your bar gears ready and prepare to go. For this first video post on my blog, if you are looking for a cocktail that makes it easy to get drunk, here it is. I named today's cocktail “Spicy Bomb” since this is a bomb and it tastes spicy. You do not only get drunk but also get an excited feeling for your night plans. It is a mix of vodka, gin, beer and of course with the strongest jalapeño. Who would NOT want to give a try? No matter you like spicy or not, try this and you will never forget the taste. Please read the steps below and watch my video in this post.

Bar gears:

  • Jigger

  • Muddler

  • Two Glassware


  • 1 OZ Of Vodka

  • 1 OZ Of Dry Gin

  • 2 OZ of Flavored Beer

  • 1 Jalapeno

  • 1 Big Ice Ball


First, you have to slice the jalapeño then put them into a glass. Use the bar muddler to muddle these jalapeno slices. Put the ice ball into another glass and pour in 1 oz of vodka, 1 oz of gin, and 2 oz of flavored beer. Now you can put the jalapeno mud on top.

How's it taste? Do you like it or not? Leave a message below or contact me personally on my contact page. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to us on YouTube. Check out the links at the bottom of this page. Thank you for watching and reading my blogs and videos. I hope you enjoy my cocktails, and I'll see you next time.



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