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Drunk Jelly

Welcome back to Halcoholic! The blog to check out when you are free. Get your bar gears ready and get ready to go! Today’s cocktail will be the one for you if you don’t want to drink too much liquid in case you go sending you to the restroom too many times. I love jellies. I created this “Drunk Jelly” to make jelly and cocktails together. I know you may have tried some cocktail jellies before, but not like mine. You can find chunks of juicy and tasty flavors in them. Follow my steps and watch my video in this post. You will be surprised.

Bar Gears:

  • Cocktail Jigger

  • Food Box

  • Plastic Cups

  • Bar Spoon

  • Glassware


  • 2 OZ Of Vodka

  • A Bag of Jelly-O

  • Several Apple Cubes

  • Hot Water

  • Cold Water

  • Refrigerator


First you need pour Jelly O powders in the food box with hot water and 2 oz of vodka. Mix them together. And then supply cold water and put apple cubes in and mix again. Fill to those plastic cups when you have the mixture. Put in the refrigerator for about 1 hour or more. It is better leave them in the fridge for one day.

You could use drinks other than liquor and make some for your children, cousins, nephews. Leave a message below or contact me personally on my contact page. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to us on YouTube. Check out the links at the bottom of this page. Thank you for watching and reading my blogs and videos. I hope you enjoy my cocktails, and I'll see you next time.



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