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Salty Jasmine Dog

It may not contain anything of a dog, but at least the salt part of the name is accurate. This unique cocktail inspired by the original Salty Dog, a famous cocktail during the 1960s. It was first made with gin and called a “Soft Dog Franklin." Some sailor changed the liquor to vodka, and it tasted better than before, creating the Salty Dog, after sailors who were working on the board. For my personal taste, whiskey will be better in this. I also changed the original sour to sweet. How sweet could that be? Get your bar gears and those ingredients ready. Make yourself a nice little salty jasmine dog; follow my steps and watch my video in this post.

Bar Gears:

  • Cocktail Jigger

  • TeaPot

  • Bar Spoon

  • Glassware


  • 2 OZ Of Whisky

  • Several Jasmine Tea Flowers

  • Some Hot Water

  • A Pack Of Sugar

  • 1 Big Ice Ball

  • Some Salt


First you have to put jasmine tea flowers into the teapot and fill it with hot water. And then put an ice ball into your glass and put 2 oz of whiskey. Put one bag of sugar in it and use your bar spoon to mixes them together. Fill it with jasmine tea and wet the edge of your glassware. In the end, you need stick some salt on the edge.

Modern meets classical sometimes works the best. Do you like this one? Leave a message below or contact me personally on my contact page. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to us on YouTube. Check out the links at the bottom of this page. Thank you for watching and reading my blogs and videos. I hope you enjoy my cocktails, and I'll see you next time.



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